World-class nanocarbon composites engineering


Started out of MIT in 2009, Nanoramic® Laboratories is a unique R&D company — we found a way to apply deep tech to some of the greatest problems faced by industry — Energy Storage and Thermal Management — by developing cutting-edge materials, structures and processes based on carbon composites.

Along the years it positioned as a disruptive player, as it proved its leadership through proprietary, innovative, cross-industries scalable technologies.

Industry-leading IP


Neocarbonix® at the Core

Neocarbonix® at the Core technology creates electrodes with an advanced 3-D nanoscopic carbon binding structure, providing reduced cost and greater power, energy density, and cycle life performance compared to traditional battery designs.



FastCap® Ultracapacitors is an industry leader in harsh environment energy storage, producing the only carbon nanotubes-based ultracapacitors capable of operating in temperatures up to 150C and under conditions of high shock and vibration.


Thermexit® is a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads. Thermexit’s® gap fillers are a non-reactive, non-silicon, no cure system featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability.



We are creating a chain reaction of innovation.

Our projects are fuelled by a stellar team of out-of-the-box thinkers with high expertise. Our board of directors, board of advisors, investors, technical team, and our highly skilled executive team are what makes our innovations possible. We are a community that is inspired by each other's potential and thrives in an environment filled with “what ifs”.

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Nanoramic® Laboratories is an industry-leading R&D and advanced materials company developing cutting edge energy storage solutions to meet mission critical demands. Nanoramic® is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, and licenser of Neocarbonix® at the Core electrodes, FastCap® Ultracapacitors, and Thermexit® thermal interface gap filler pads