Multiple Electrolytes, One Electrode: Nanoramic® CE

Supercapacitors, also known as electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) or ultracapacitors, are novel energy storage devices capable of storing energy through electrostatic forces rather than chemical reactions as it occurs in batteries. Supercapacitors can deliver 100 times more power than batteries and can store between 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than regular capacitors (electrolytic and tantalum capacitors). When looking at the inside of a supercapacitor, there are three main components:

1. Electrodes

2. Electrolyte

3. Separator

The characteristics of these three main internal components determine the overall performance of the supercapacitors, including energy density, power density, maximum operating voltage, maximum operating temperature, life cycles and more. Managing the electrochemical interactions between these components is critical to develop a very stable, long lasting, and high-performance device.

Particularly when looking at commercially available electrolytes and electrodes, it is quite important to establish electrochemically stable conditions by choosing two components, one electrolyte and one electrode, that are compatible with each other. Certain electrolytes can only be utilized with specific electrodes, and vice versa:  

Based on years of research and development, Nanoramic® discovered that by completely removing polymer-based binders and polymer-based primers from the electrode formulation and adjusting the nano stricture and meso-structure morphology of the electrode, it is possible to extend the compatibility of one electrode with multiple off-the-shelf electrolytes. Our Nanoramic® CE is compatible with most of the commercially available and commonly used electrolytes:

Over the last few years, our R&D and Engineering teams have run multiple electrochemical tests by using the most commonly utilized electrolytes on the market in combination with Nanoramic® CE. It has been found a high level of compatibility and stable performance with all selected electrolytes, including: acetonitrile-based electrolytes, propylene carbonate-based electrolytes, and ionic liquids-based electrolytes.

We are reporting here three electrochemical performance tests utilizing our Nanoramic® CE with:


Nanoramic acetonitrile-based electrolyte


Nanoramic propylene carbonate-based electrolyte


Nanoramic ionic liquid-based electrolyte

Nanoramic® CE outperforms multiple competitors on the market and let our clients to utilize their preferred electrolytes. Nanoramic® CE is a drop-in solution that can boost up the overall performance of your supercapacitor device.

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