Nanoramic Laboratories Launches "Thermexit™" Line of Thermal Interface Materials


Nanoramic® Laboratories, a leader in advanced materials and energy storage technology, announced the launch of Thermexit™, a line of high-end thermal interface gap filler pads featuring high thermal conductivity and high thermal stability. The Thermexit™ line includes Thermexit-HP-40, a high performance TIM Gap Filler and Thermexit-El-20, an electrically insulating TIM Gap Filler. Thermexit™ gap filler pads are the only thermal management system on the market that provides high thermal conductivity without the use of silicone-based resin. This results  in the elimination of any issues from silicone oil which may reduce TIM performance and harm electronic components.

“Nanoramic® has long developed energy storage nanomaterial designed for record setting performance in high temperature environments,” said Eric Kish, Nanoramic’s® Chief Executive Officer. “Using our expertise in engineering the thermal properties of materials at the nanoscopic scale, we have created the Thermexit™ line of thermal interface materials to provide high performance thermal management across a wide range of applications.”

Key features of Thermexit™ include:

●   Non-Silicone,non-reactive, no-cure system: No resin-fillerseparation or unconsumed reactant outgassing

●   Highthermal stability: Continuous operation over 150°C

●   Highthermal conductivity: >40W/mK for the Thermexit-HP-40 and>20W/mK for the Thermexit-El-20

●   Easypick and place application: Naturally sticky without residue/mess

●   Highly compressible: Minimizes contact resistance without high force and component stress

Applications of the Thermexit™ product line include consumer electronics, power supplies, automotive electronics, LED, LCD and optical displays, motor controls, high power density semiconductors, batteries and energy storage devices.

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Nanoramic® is the exclusive designer, manufacturer, and licenser of Thermexit™ Thermal Interface Materials. Established 2009 in Boston, MA, Nanoramic® was founded by MIT graduates and experts in the use of nanocarbons in energy storage devices. Our culture of transparency, empowerment, disciplined thinking, and experimentation is what drives us to build world-class technology.

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