Composite Electrodes for Ultracapacitors

Introducing the Nanoramic CE, Composite Electrodes for Batteries and Ultracapacitors

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Nanoramic CE electrode is a binder-free nanocarbon composite electrode which enables high performance operation of energy storage devices.

Nanoramic’s nanocomposite technology was originally developed by FastCAP systems Corporation to meet energy storage needs inthe extreme environments encountered in geothermal drilling.  Today, Nanoramic has leveraged this technology to introduce Nanoramic CE.

Nanoramic CE is an advanced electrode solution that is compatible with most widely used electrolytes, and can be used as a “drop in” replacement to existing energy storage device designs to radically improve the performance of the device.

Nanoramic CE can be used to increase one or more of the operating voltage, temperature rating, and lifetime of existing devices, pushing them to new levels of performance


Electric Double Layer Capacitors ( a/k/a/ supercapacitors or Ultracapacitors)
Lithium Capacitors
Lithium-Ion Batteries
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Low ESR, High Temperature,
High Stability

Nanoramic Laboratories Composite Electrode Example

2.5V, 85C, 1500 hours - Acetonitrile Based Electrolyte

Nanoramic Laboratories Composite Electrode Example

As clearly shown, the Nanoramic CE enables operation at high temperature while keeping high voltage with off-the-shelf electrolyte, which the incumbent cell quickly fails. At a given capacitance, the ESR is less than half of incumbent wound cells.