Lithium Ion Capacitors 

The FastCap® Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) has over 2x the energy density than conventional electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs) and features a higher voltage range and higher power over a wide operating temperature range (-55C to 85C).  The FastCap® LIC features long cycle life and low discharge, with a long DC life of 1500 hours at 3.8V and 85C.

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1000F LiC has an specific energy of 13 Wh/kg (2-3x greater than conventional EDLCs)
Maximum specific power up to 12.5 kW/kg
Maximum power density up to 23.2 kW/L
The only commercial LiC which can operate at temperatures as low as -55C
DC Life 3.8V for over 1500 hours.
Cycle life greater than 100,000 cycles.
Voltage drop less than 5% after 10,000 hours at 3V and 25 degree C.
Customizable for specific applications
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Hybrid electric vehicle start-stop systems
Catenary-free railway
Hybrid electric bus
Cold temperature engine starting
Wind turbine pitch systems
Smart meters and sensors
Grid energy storage
Fast-charge automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
Uninterruptible power supplies
Medical device back-up power