I OWN IT: The Future of Energy Storage with Eric Kish

Renewable energy is a thriving industry. And companies are racing after the next most efficient, sustainable source. Nanoramic Labs' CEO Eric Kish brings to the fore the immense potential of nanocarbon energy storage. He carries his exemplary military service experience to build a brand that is set to last for generations to come.

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In this episode, Eric Kish highlights:


✅ Neocarbonix batteries cost 30% less and can run 30-50% more miles.

✅ Hire people more talented than you.

✅ The renewable energy industry is growing. Nanocarbons don’t require external factors to be replenished.

✅ Work on collective readiness. Speak up if you need help and be creative in finding ways to do things better.

✅ You can delegate authority but not responsibility.

✅ Be critical of so-called best practices. Go for what works best for you.

✅ Practice the principle of strategic intent.

✅ Have discipline. Be the driver of your own life.

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