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Composite Electrodes for Ultracapacitors

The Composite Electrode is a carbon electrode specifically designed to operate at higher voltages and temperatures. It is based on FastCAP's proprietary 3D nanocomposite technology that provides enhancements in electrochemical stability along with very low ESR. The Composite Electrode is intended to replace ultracapacitor electrodes in standard electrolyte systems in order to increase the operating voltage or temperature of the device.  Coupled with FastCAP's high performance electrolytes, the Composite electrode voltageand temperature performance can be enhanced further.


Advanced Thermal Interface Materials

Based on FastCAP's proprietary compounding, dispersion and coating processes, the Nanoramic TIMs provides higher thermal conductivity than any other TIMs on the market while retaining or improving advantageous mechanical properties.  Surface properties have been designed for good interfacing to metallic surfaces. The carbon nanotubes that are used as an additive increase the bulk thermal conductivity of the material while adding mechanical strength and durability.


EMI/RFI Shielding Materials

FastCAP is developing an extrudable, 3D printable and electrically conductive plastic composite for EMI / RFI shielding. Based on FastCAP's 3D nanocomposite technology, this composite exploits the high electrical conductivity of nanocarbons to enhance commonplace housing and enclosure materials with electrical conductivity for blocking or attenuating electric and magnetodynamic fields.


Nanoramic's FastCAP Ultracapacitors

Nanoramic's FastCAP ultracapacitors are the only hermetically sealed ultracapacitors capable of high temperature (>125°C) and low temperature (< -55°C) operation.  FastCAP’s technology has been validated from -110°C to 250°C by Sandia National Laboratory.




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