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Electrode Manufacturing: Comparative Analysis of Wet & Dry Production Technologies

Significant $/kWh cost reduction from material technology is becoming more difficult as we approach theoretical gravimetric density limits and cost... More

A Tale of Two Chemistries: Technologies & Strategies That Will Enable Cell Manufacturers To Win In Both NCx & non-NCx Markets

By 2030, up to 84% of BEV sales may have non-NCx (eg. LFP) cells, a change from near 0% in EU and North American markets today. This shift is driven... More

Launching Aerospace Battery Tech for EVs

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MIT Clean Tech Companies to Watch

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EV Battery Cost/ Performance Race: Place Your Bets

This article, written by Jennifer Baljko and featured in the Ojo-Yoshida Report, takes a deep dive into Neocarbonix™ At The Core technology and... More

Nanoramic specializes in technologies and material solutions based on nano-carbons. Nano-carbons have exceptional electrical, thermal and mechanical properties at the nano-scale level. We synthesize and incorporate nano-carbons in various materials and transfer these properties at the macroscale level, addressing major challenges in energy storage and thermal management.