Nanoramic’s Sale of Thermal Interface Materials Product Line Shows Capacity to Rapidly Commercialize Advanced Materials

Wakefield, MA- Nanoramic Laboratories (“Nanoramic”) today announced the sale of its thermal management material business, under the brand Thermexit®, to Henkel Corporation, a globally operating industrial and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Nanoramic developed the Thermexit materials from concept to commercialization in three years, generating a robust intellectual portfolio and strong commercial traction. The sale to Henkel is a successful culmination of Nanoramic’s mission to bring disruptive technologies out of the laboratory to solve some of the greatest challenges facing the energy storage industry. Nanoramic congratulates Katie Willgoos, Y. Joon Lee, and Albrecht Becker who led the Thermexit development effort, and will be joining Henkel in connection with the sale.    

“I am excited that Henkel recognizes Thermexit’s potential and look forward to seeing how they will further develop the product line,” said Eric Kish, CEO of Nanoramic. “Thermexit’s success is a testament to Nanoramic’s ability to create and scale innovative technology. This is a positive indication for the future of the company’s other product lines on their path to commercialization, such as Neocarbonix® at the Core electrode technology.”

About Nanoramic®

Nanoramic® Laboratories is an industry-leading energy storage and advanced materials company. Spun out of MIT in 2009, the company has 150+ patents granted and pending and develops cutting-edge energy storage solutions to meet mission critical demands.

Nanoramic® developed a proprietary battery technology, Neocarbonix® at the Core, that enables Tier-I battery companies and automotive OEMs to achieve next-gen battery performance while using existing equipment and manufacturing processes. Neocarbonix® at the Core replaces the plastic binder and toxic solvent used in conventional battery manufacturing with an advanced 3D nano-carbon binding structure, enabling environmentally friendly and high-performance batteries. Batteries made with Neocarbonix® at the Core have higher energy density and power, 15-minute fast charging, and long cycle life, all at lower cost per kWh. See